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SiteSpecific Work/ New Hospital Commission. 

Sketch of Nature was written as a sound installation for the New Grange Hospital Chapel in South Wales. It was specifically designed for the chapel and close listening space. It is a work which enables spaces for reflection, contemplation interest and curiosity. The unit itself was for Palliative care. The work was based on interviews with gardeners who worked in the Garden outside the hospital. Jo Thomas interpreted their words into music and sonic reflections of the space.  Simmy Singh is the violinist in this work. Jo Thomas wrote solo parts for the electronic  music.   

The work was written is in 4 Parts.

1. Water Revelations

2. Rockwall 

3. Poly Plastic

4. Wide Blossom

Thank you to Ty Cerdd and Studio Response for their support and Arts Council Wales.

2020/21 Sketch of Nature: Product
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