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Commision me  

Jo Thomas has written for  commision most of her life as a musican. When writing a work her approuch very creative, imaginative and thoughtful. Jo Thomas has worked on large ,small and very personal commisions . Situations could be outdoors, electronic music based, instrumental performance based or a co/ creation collaberation.  She is adaptable, flexible and approachable.

Dew (2023) 

 Dew is a work written for the composer and instrumentalist Huw Morgan to be played in his concert series. It is an organ and electronic work. It is written for 2 formats to ensure maxium flexibility for performance ( fixed electronic and live )  

differant tone moon Dew .jpg
Jo Thomas .jpg

get in touch 

Jo Thomas lives in London, she can travel to meet others and is happy to work  online.

(zoom/ and or other approaches ) 

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