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Jo Thomas, Utter, ink on paper, drawing 2021..jpg


OTO Sound Gallery Zurich 2022

Massive Angels, 2021
37m 18s, sound

In 2020 artist Jo Thomas spent time in North Wales UK crossing the landscapes of the highest point of Anglesey in the rotating wind farm Trysglwyn Fawr. Here she met vast areas of countryside and fields inhabited only by giant Turbine windmills that constantly work to produce electricity thanks to the airstreams. Those places, which hint at limited human presence, are privileged for the passage of the wind, captured and transformed by the Turbine windmills who dance elegantly in the landscape. Their sound, recorded by the artist through a binaural microphone, returns a remote and inaccessible motion making us perceive their mechanical and metaphysical functioning with the infinite time through which they produce clean energy. By elaborating the composition Massive Angels (2021), Jo Thomas turns to the invisible and sonorous electricity; she urges our gaze to imagine and get closer to what would otherwise be inaccessible. To reach the hidden beauty of these white supernatural presences, we must close our eyes and listen to their extraordinary linguistic code: a sort of sound message in "Enochian", the language of angels.

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