Published 01 February, 2015 by JT


Hello ,
Welcome to my in Feb 2015. I've been running this blog now for nearly 5 years,is quite a feat really. So, lets go forth in to the next 5 years with vigour creativity and curiosity. Some really special events have been captured on this Blog over the last five years so I'm very proud of it. Embedded into this site there are references to a body of work which spans about 21 years.

Below is a link to an archive of my music at the British Music Collection . It is hosted by Sound and Music and Heritage Quay at the University of Huddersfield. I have a great deal of my music in this archive. The details of the archive are below.

Some nice things coming up this year, so will keep you posted,

Idealfest 2014
Published 02 October, 2014 by JT

Idealfest 2014

Hello again,
in a few days time I will be playing at Konsthall in Gotenburg with Ideal Fest 2014. I am very pleased and excited about this and looking forward to the space and meeting all those lovely people in Idealrecordings.
Till then
4th October Konsthall 6pm onwards

Colliding Worlds
Published 30 September, 2014 by JT

Colliding Worlds

I can't quite believe the summer has gone so quickly much was achieved and much happened but I am going to miss the bright sunlight at high bury early in the morning when I walk down to work.

So , I have managed to get my self in a book , a beautiful and interesting book called Colliding Worlds: How Cutting-edge Science is Redefining Contemporary Art.
I met Arthur I Miller ( the author) after Prix Ars, he gave me a really lovely interview where we talked about idea's around composing research and collaborating . Arthur's book is a really special exploration through Science and Art and it has some quite extraordinary people in it . Good reading and on my book list.

I'm part of Ideal Fest this week on 4th of October in Gotenborg. I'm very excited and looking forward . I will be great to play music with Joachim Nordwell in Sweden.
Have a Good October

Sunshine over Nimbus and Camptiure Interview
Published 15 June, 2014 by JT

Sunshine over Nimbus and Camptiure Interview

=== Hallo -
Some nice updates on information and projects coming up in the future.

Sunshine over Nimbus is being released this summer in Minnesota with a company called Ptyx aka ' Scumbag relations' from Minnesota . The Label is run by a nice man called Eric Frye who asked me to write a tape work last year. The outcome has been very fruitful a 40-minute work, which is available on Tape and Digital, download. If I were honest I would say that I am totally excited about having a work released in the USA. Sunshine over Nimbus was finished last November and is a selection of works based around North London.
Sunshine over Nimbus by Jo Thomas
I'll go over there in the future and do some events.
The work that I did in San Rocco Italy has been very popular and is still running. Below is an English transcript from an Italian Interview and there is a film coming out about the work in a few weeks time.
o Thomas

San Rocco is full of history, and it is difficult to create dialogue between different layers: your work is trying to create this connection?

Sure. This work seeks to connect the elements of his past with the present. Before St. Roch became dilapidated space was used as a gathering space for the community. The music and the sound would be a particular feature of the place. My intention was to develop traces of a sonic behavior that could have existed in that space in the past. For example, I worked with the idea of ​​creating an imaginary folk song and play the sound of an old pipe organ. I also wanted to offer a sound that had never been heard before in the church, giving another piece of memory to its history. The history of the positioning of instruments in space architecture also influenced my decision to use a single checkout. The light changes during the day influenced the writing. I studied San Rocco, I worked and wrote in the space listening to the echoes of the sound and watching the changing light conditions.

The same St. Roch, the saint, was a healer and a disabled person, so I also wanted to experience this way of working sheet in the path resolved and unresolved and some errors of digital connection. The complex sequence of sounds also seems to reflect the delicate nature of the place as well as the light changes. In this work, I can also hear the sounds that come from outside. Today, while I was there, the birds seemed to be in counterpoint with the flow of the soundtrack.

I think the sound is a very immediate way to connect people to the emotions, do you agree? How to translate your emotions?

You agree that the sound is a very personal way to connect people to their emotions. I recognize that the emotions of each are complex, unique and related to their own personal history. We carry them all with us whenever we approach a sound work. This is one of the reasons I love to work with silence, as if the possibility of listening same breath taking.

My emotions are expressed through the personification of the sound during the composition process. Sometimes transcribe while I compose poetry or art, but more frequently I try to catch them in small gestures, in the agreements, in rhythm, in the phonetic material or in the growth and fusion of tones.

I think the sound will be the voice of a special place. San Rocco is a special public place, what reaction would you have had the audience listening to your work?

I want people to feel they have a unique experience for them at that time.

Enjoy the summer,

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