Walls Will Speak Sound
Published 05 October, 2015 by JT

Agna Rita the installation music I have been composing for the Frequency Festival is about to start on the 24th of October.
I am excited and proud and looking forward to the festival very much.Agna Rita is over an hour long in length and consists of 4 works all drawn from text within the Magna Carter. The works are;


2.We will not Deny

3.Our Noise

4.Granted/ To Have and To Hold

There are 22 channels of sound sculpted into in the wall. A publication with CD with score and a critical review written by the writer Abi Bliss is available at the Lincoln Collection.Agna Rita has been supported by PRSFoundation,the Arts Council for England,the Britten-Pears Foundation.The work has been commissioned by Threshold.

Smart Dry Cleaners Old Street
Published 23 September, 2015 by JT

when the rood goes grey he watches people go by. a smoke passes his window,driving past the cleaners on old street,he wonders, what they are thinking, do they think of peace.writing my peace in my hand, in my place, writing my peace.
His sky goes black with night and his glasses click a noise and there are small atoms reflecting on the floor

Peace and writing he says,
Here say …

all that matter’s
is war is written no more

his windows steam up with walkers that moving quickly past smelling chicken and greasy skylines mirrored on their fading floors

all our shadows have gone'

what is left?
he says I am asking?

peace’ she says whispering softly

they look left and right and their looking glass is shattered and gone and blitz

my love my love my precious

nothing to noone to noooe
my love
my love
my soul

my heart I am asking
she says speaking softly


Published 12 September, 2015 by JT



Hallo , My work Glitch been chosen for a great festival next week near Paris .
Glitch was written about 16 years ago in the studio's at City University when I started my Phd. This work was my first work to really explore metaphors around Glitch, Body and Fallibility. It works with changing environs and digital artefacts which are built from fragments of sound taken from the ends of long resonant sound forms. It is a work that breaths and exists and is incredibly delicate and I was lucky enough to have it published by Entr'acte on vinyl record about 5 years ago.
All good and lovely,

I hope all is well in the ether and leaving you with this great poster ,

Sound will Travel
Published 28 August, 2015 by JT

Sound will Travel

Hallo ,
I have had such an amazing creative summer with great opportunities , roots that have sprouted and lovely meetings of people.
I spent a chunk of the summer in Bangor North Wales writing my new piece Agna Rita . I wanted to say thank you to Bangor for being so brilliant.( esp Andrew Lewis) for inviting me to write my new work 'Agna Rita' in their Studio's .I am alumni and have watched their studio's grow and grow. I was very privileged to write in such an amazing space and also hear all the music's that were going on it was very special .Thank you. Next week I am to Dublin to present my project FeMMusetech to the Digital Research Humanities Arts 15 conference. I am quite thrilled that they have accepted my paper and it will be an honour to speak in Dublin City University. At the start of this year I won a grant to set up a Civic Engagement project which ran in Stratford . The focus of the project was to outreach to the larger community around University of East London participating with composition workshops led by students using different types of technology. In this project I chose to focus on women making music , deliberately extending the 'outside' conventional images of women making music, to focus on creating a more diverse community . Increasing visibility and engagement with women using technology in the area across quite a broad age span. The project due to demand is still running and will be running through 2016 in different ways. It has developed a network which was organically growing anyway and the project seeks to be an information resources and platform for women, creators and community in East London, Stratford. I am very grateful to the University of East London for supporting the project and to the team that I was working with on this project , their enthusiasm and generosity led the project forward. A work well done. More soon and enjoy the rest of the august days, Jo x

for contact mail
September 17th 2015
Agna Rita
23rd of October - 1 November 2015
December 15th 2015
New York
Mermaids Vinyl available for release from Holidays Records.
Mermaids Vinyl available for sale Boomkat
Nature of Habit CD available for purchase at
Nature of Habit CD available for Purchase at Boomkat
Alpha E82 Vinyl available for purchase at Entr'acte
Soul Vibration / Joachim Norwdwall Jo Thomas Remix 2013
Jo Thomas Entr'acte Mix June 2013
Jo Thomas New Scientist Crystal Prix Ars Electronica 2012
Jo Thomas awarded Golden Nica from Prix Ars Electronica 2012'
Mermaids Fact Mag Best of 2013 Nick Bullen


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