Sound will Travel
Published 28 August, 2015 by JT

Sound will Travel

Hallo ,
I have had such an amazing creative summer with great opportunities , roots that have sprouted and lovely meetings of people.
I spent a chunk of the summer in Bangor North Wales writing my new piece Agna Rita . I wanted to say thank you to Bangor for being so brilliant.( esp Andrew Lewis) for inviting me to write my new work 'Agna Rita' in their Studio's I am alumni and have watched their studio's grow and grow. I was very privileged to write in such an amazing space and also hear all the music's that were going on it was very special .Thank you. Next week I am to Dublin to present my project FeMMusetech to the Digital Humanities Arts Research conference. I am quite thrilled that they have accepted my paper and it will be an honour to speak in Dublin University. At the start of this year I was awarded funds to set up a Civic Engagement project which ran in Stratford . The focus of the project was to outreach to the larger community around University of East London participating with composition workshops led by students using different types of technology. In this project I chose to focus on women making music , deliberately extending the 'outside' conventional images of women making music, to focus on creating a more diverse community . The project due to demand is still running and will be running through 2016 in different ways. It has developed a network which was organically growing anyway and the project seeks to be an information resources and platform for women, creators and community in East London, Stratford. I am very grateful to the University of East London for supporting the project and to the team that I was working with on this project , their enthusiasm and generosity led the project forward. A work well done. More Soon and Enjoy the rest of the August Days, Jo x

Published 03 August, 2015 by JT


I'm pleased to announce that my new work, Agna Rita has been commissioned by Threshold to premiere at Lincoln's Collection Gallery in October at this year's Frequency Festival of Digital Culture. Agna Rita is a bold, colourful expression of sound through frequency, rhythm and text from the Magna Carta, exploring a union of medieval modalities and digital contemporary artefacts. This piece, made specifically for the multi-channel Soundwall, works with sculptural space, rhythmic matter and large expansive harmonic plains of sound which are composed to be present in the acoustic space of The Collection gallery. Jo Thomas gratefully acknowledges support from PRS for Music Foundation, Arts Council England and the Britten-Pears Foundation.

Something Special 18-20 September
Published 22 June, 2015 by JT

My work Glitch is being performed in France in September .Lovely to be involved in such a rich music festival.
Thank's to all,

Dates are 18 to 20 of September
in Bagnolet

Anthony Pateras (8 channels piece)
Roberta Settels "Isolation" by Mats Lindström
Greg Pope et John Hegre

Natasha Barrett
Gordon Monahan, "Speaker swinging"
Mats Lindström, "One" live electronics
Gert-Jan Prins + Martijn van Boven, "Black Smoking Mirror"

Lasse Marhaug (8 channels piece)
Akos Rozmann "Image of dream and death" by Mats Lindstrom

Samedi 15h30 - 19h
Un long programme musique / film de 15h30 à 19h avec une pause
Patrick Ascione "Métamorphose d'un jaune citron" (1979) 14'02"
Christine Mannaz-Dénarié "L'astrolabe" (2014) 15'04"
Esther Venrooy "So it goes" (2011) 13'44"
Toschi Ichiyanagi "Funakakushi" (1963) 13'09"
Jo Thomas "Glitch" (1999) 8'17"
Katharina Klement "Brandung II" (1996) 15'55"

Takashi ITO, "Spacey" 1981 / 16 mm / n&b teinté / son / 9'00"
James Whitney "Yantra" 1950-1957 (16 mm - coul - opt - 24 ips) 8'00"
Georges Rey "Microfilm" 1979 / 16 mm / coul / son / 6'00"
Richard TUOHY "Flyscreen" 2010 / 16 mm / n&b / son / 8'00"
Hangjun LEE, THE METAPHYSICS OF SOUND 2007 / 16 mm / coul / son / 28'00" / 2E
Chris WELSBY "Drift" (1994) / 16 mm / coul / son / 17'00

Dimanche am
15h30 - 16h30 Classe de Pantin. Carte blanche à Christine Groult.
Ariadna Alsina “Voiles vitrés” 11’
Marco Marini “Messages des hirondelles” 10’53
Gorka Alda “Félures de l’aube” 11’30
Ana Dall’Ara Majek “La Lechuga” 15’
Esteban Anavitarte “OTOM-A” 10’
17h30 Carole Rieussec "Sonographies : Pionnières de la musique électronique" (programme en cours d'élaboration)

Installation de Ollivier Coupille

Healed and Refreshed
Published 16 May, 2015 by JT

Healed and Refreshed


for contact mail
University of East London
June 24th
East London
September 1-3rd
September 17th 2015
Agna Rita
24th of October - 10 November 2015
December 15th 2015
New York
Mermaids Vinyl available for release from Holidays Records.
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Nature of Habit CD available for Purchase at Boomkat
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Soul Vibration / Joachim Norwdwall Jo Thomas Remix 2013
Jo Thomas Entr'acte Mix June 2013
Jo Thomas New Scientist Crystal Prix Ars Electronica 2012
Jo Thomas awarded Golden Nica from Prix Ars Electronica 2012'
Mermaids Fact Mag Best of 2013 Nick Bullen


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