Butterfly Sweet

An exclusive Digital Download to readers of the Wire music magazine.
Two tracks included on the Digital download.
The works explore our relationship to the internet and the ether through surfing and infinite space.

1.Butterfly Sweet: Flutter 2.45
2.Butterfly Sweet: Air 7.45

butterfly sweet by Jo Thomas

1. AGF ''The Wires Are Fragile”
2. Borngräber & Strüver “Dancing Queen (Edit)” From Urlaub (m=minimal)
3. Mark Bradley “Spraling”
From Cathedral Sound Ritual (Reverb Worship)
4. Chandeliers “Candy Apple”
From Roulé (Captcha Records)
5. Dalglish “3.9.2004”
From Benacah Drann Deachd (Highpoint Lowlife)
6. Eleven Twenty-Nine “Leaf In A Whirlwind” From Eleven Twenty-Nine (Northern-Spy)
7. Mark Fell “Manitutshu 1.3 Razorwire Dub” Previously unreleased
8. Ga'an “I Of Intimate Forms Part I” From Ga'an (Captcha Records)
9. Moon wiring Club “Purred Applause” Previously unreleased
10. Douglas Quin “77o 37' S 165o 48' E (Excerpt)” From Fathom (Taiga)
11. Sleeps In Oysters “The Brambles In Starlight” From Lo! (Seed)
12. Jo Thomas “Butterfly Sweet: Air” Previously unreleased
13. Jo Thomas “Butterfly Sweet: Flutter” Previously unreleased
14. Trembling Bells “A Boy's Dream” Previously unreleased
15. John wall & alex Rodgers “Three Fragments” Previously unreleased
16. Wet hair “Echo Lady”
From In Vogue Spirit (De Stijl)