a richly detailed sound world in which the listener can explore with out feeling the over bearing structure of impressions or interpretation. Liberating her music and her listeners from the delimiting realm of the recognizable, both the vaporous spaces of Zero and the more ferrible clicks and pops of Charged have a distinct self sufficiency .... accidental alchemy producing unique bursts and flickers of timbre.
Review of Nature of Habit The Wire Sam Davies 2012

Jo Thomas is a London based electronic music composer. Her music captures a combination of refined and raw sonic matter. Jo writes about the world around
her.Underlying themes which are going through her work are
intersectionality,disability rights, women's rights and human rights.She has been commissioned around the UK,Switzerland Sweden,Portugal, France,having performances in the USA, Canada and Australia. Jo produces music work for others, she works on sound design and curates music events around London.She has been working with electronic sound since a teenager,coming from a classical background which has been fused with pop and experimental jazz.Jo had her first composition lessons as a teenager with the composer John Pickard. She discovered her love for studio sound from visits to Sian Recording Studio’s North Wales.Jo Thomas did her degree and masters degree in Bangor North Wales.Jo was awarded a Ph.D from City University, London in Electro Acoustic Composition in 2005.Jo has sat on the steering committee for the British Music Collection,the Pathways Programme and was part of the selection panel for Pathways Programme.
In 2012 Jo Thomas won the Golden Nica in Prix Ars Electronica Digital Music’s
and Sound Art Category for her work Crystal Sounds of a Synchrotron.She has been nominated for a quartz award in the new discoveries section. As an artist has performed alongside a number of artists including Maria Chavez, Lee Gamble, Phil Nimblock and SquarePusher. Her work has been performed in venues local and worldwide including Cafe Oto, Queen Elizabeth Hall,Trafalgar Square,London,Tate Modern, Salon De Messian and Radio France Paris,Prix Ars Electronica, Kings Place London, New Federation Square Melbourne, MIT Boston and Stanford University. She has been commissioned in studios internationally such as INA GRM Paris, the Djerrasi studios, San Francisco and EMS Stockholm. Her work has been performed in Festivals such as the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, Prix Ars Electronica, Elita Festival Milan, Norberg Festival, Radio France,Tempo Reale Italy, Tempora Festival Bulgaria.